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Release: v2.7.0


  • Load CSV and Igor (.IBW) files.

  • Events analysis now available for current-clamp data.

  • Option to reshape single-record files into multi-record on load, improving performance.

  • Split Events analysis results into time bins.

  • Delete multiple events at once (holding CTRL+D).

  • General speed-ups for file loading and AP detection.

  • Add 'bandpass' and 'bandstop' filter modes.

  • Option to adjust left side of Events average and overlay windows.

  • New 'minimum distance between APs' option for AP detection (set 1ms default).


  • 'Local maximum period (ms)' renamed to 'Minimum IEI (ms)'.

  • Default 1 ms minimum distance between action potentials set in AP detection.


  • Fix poor detection when detecting positive events in Events Template mode with large local maximum period.

  • Handle Spike2 SMR files with different properties (e.g. samples) across channel within the same record.

  • Fix crash on 'Remove Baseline' when plot is zoomed extremely far in.

  • Handle opening Events frequency plot after only running 'refine' analysis.

  • Display correlation in 'refine' mode when 'Analyse specific records' is on.

v2.7.1 and v2.7.2

  • Minor improvements to free-trial mechanism.

Release: v2.6.0


  • Major backend upgrades to ensure future extensibility.

  • Export all plots to standard image formats (e.g. PNG, JPEG, TIFF) and SVG.

  • Events Overlay window to visualise all detected events at once and easily remove outliers.

  • Group detected events and selectively view the grouped results.

  • Automated stimulus artefact removal.

  • Perform pointwise addition, subtraction, division and multiplication of records.

  • Load multiple files at once (concatenating them together).

  • Added 'count' to summary statistics results.

  • Local maximum option extended to Events Template.

  • Toggle upper-plot x-ticks on or off in Graph View Options.


  • Gracefully handle corrupt .abf file tags.

  • Load Wavesurfer files with missing records.

  • Permit 1-record Input Resistance analysis with user input Im.

  • Events RMS threshold (upper) displays correctly on the main plot for positive events



  • Overlay window is now closed when Events analysis window is closed.



  • Support Interleave HEKA files



  • Calculate RMS within a region
  • Allow concatenating multi-record files in multi-file loading.
  • Support HEKA files with more planned than executed traces
  • Fix offset baseline in 'first baseline cross' event analysis mode

Release: v2.5.0


  • Burst detection and analysis for event and action potential recordings

  • Phase-plot analysis of action potential waveforms

  • Area under curve added to Curve Fitting analysis

  • Summary statistics added to Events cumulative probability / histogram tables (e.g. frequency, amplitude)

  • Event times added to Events cumulative probability / histogram results

  • New option for multi-template event detection – detect in order of templates (rather than to best fit)


  • Fixed failed loading of v2.3.3 Events files into v2.4.0

  • Fixed Curve Fitting baseline display single-sample deviation

  • Program no longer crashes on rheobase analysis of single record files

  • Display fixed after nearest neighbour interpolation

  • Name of threshold 'Curved' option changed to 'Curve' for consistency with baseline

  • Fixed Events omit times window crash if start time equals stop time or non-consecutive times



Bug fixes incorporating v2.5.0.1 and v2.5.0.2:

  • Fix issue with installing on macOS later than Catalina (v2.5.0.1)

  • Fix trial failing to initialize on macOS later than Catalina (v2.5.0.2)

  • Fix Events refine crash when individual events displayed using Template 2 or 3.



  • Fixed Detrend failing to update main plot in certain cases.




Release: v2.4.0


  • HEKA, WaveSurfer and Spike2 file support

  • Kolmogorov-Smirnov analysis and overlay plots of two cumulative distributions

  • Summary statistics on results table (mean, standard deviation and error)

  • Display files row-wise on results table

  • Area under curve analysis, thresholding and plots for Events

  • Normalize average event before analysis

  • Sort Events cumulative distribution / histogram data by event number

  • Curved Events baseline / threshold optimised for faster performance

  • Axis-specific zooming (keyboard shortcuts)

  • Cut-trace length improved time options

  • New 'Info' and keyboard shortcuts information windows.


  • Identical event peak times (e.g. if time is normalized) now supported

  • ​Events changes in batch mode updated even if table tab is not switched to before the next file is loaded. 

  • Template width parameter updated from stored templates.

  • ​Fixed program crash if average event kinetics are manually edited and the currently displayed record is not 1

  • ISI calculated with 2 spikes now shows 'n/a' rather than 1




v2.3.0-beta - v2.3.3-beta
05.10.2021 - 4/11/2021


Events Analysis

  • 'Fourier deconvolution' and 'detection criterion' methods

  • Multi-record files now supported

  • Manually edit event kinetics 

  • Save entire Events analysis (e.g. plot, all results)

  • Full biexponential fitting 

  • Improve or exclude events based on R² of fit

  • Calculate and plot histogram

  • More histogram / cumulative probability binning and plotting options

  • Improved event baseline and end point detection

  • Store event templates in a repository for later use

  • Analyze with up to three templates simultaneously

  • Improved Refine Events interface and averaging options

  • Improved event foot detection

  • RMS threshold shown on plot

  • Correlation detection method 20X faster



  • R² added for all Curve Fitting and Events fits

  • Max slope analysis added to Events, Curve Fitting and AP Kinetics analysis

  • Generate Axon Im protocol from file header (current clamp mode)

  • Axon tags now shown on file details

  • Legacy options available for analysis with v2.2.0-beta settings 

  • Zoom in / out with new buttons or mouse wheel in any zoom mode

  • New keyboard shortcuts (U: Zoom out, Z: step plot left and X: step plot right)

Input Resistance / Curve Fitting

  • Set different region positions on each record

  • Im and Vm baseline and steady state shown in Input Resistance results

  • Manually delete outliers on plot to recalculate Input Resistance 

  • 'Baseline' and 'Measure' labels added to Curve Fitting moveable regions


  • Warning shown for large single-record files that might reduce performance - reshape to multiple records recommended

  • Reshape single-record to multi-record files does not automatically normalize time

  • Analysis selection dropdown menu option added


New Features

  • View all file channels during / after file loading

  • New fast trim button for refine average event, all trim button speed scale with the sampling rate

  • Calculate frequency data with >2 rather than >5 events


  • Z / X panning buttons fixed after single-to-multi record data reshape

  • Table now defaults to event kinetics if re-calculated analysis no longer contains >2 events

  • Action-potential per-spike can no longer cause program exit


  • Manually input channel units when they are not readable from file header

  • ABF files with tags now supported



Release: v2.2.0-beta


  • Offline activation

  • Analyze Action Potential Kinetics across all records in one click

  • Set specific records to analyze separately across analysis types

  • Option to override units (e.g. A) in file header or specify conversion to pA / mV from known units
  • Use R = V / I to calculate Ri if only a single record is analyzed
  • Input resistance sag is now calculated as:

    • Sag (or Hump) - the minimum (or maximum) voltage minus the steady state voltage after current injection

    • Sag (or Hump) ratio - the Sag (or Hump) divided by the minimum (or maximum) voltage change


  • Improved message-box display on macOS

  • Linear threshold lower / baseline label now reads 'pA' not 'mV' for events analysis

  • Spike kinetics now handles decay period < 1 sample

  • Spike kinetics displayed in time-order after manual selection on records longer than 10 s

  • Events Analysis handles manual selection with RMS option if RMS was not used for main analysis

  • Minimize buttons returned to Windows version




Release: v2.1.0-beta


  • Load AxoGraph .axgx and .axgd files

  • Support for high-DPI display


  • Upgrade certificate - no SmartScreen warning on install

  • <1 sample width for graph window size that could lead to crash is no longer possible

  • Action potential kinetics option to calculate decay from threshold checkbox now updates on dialog reopen

  • Gracefully handle rare bug in cryptography leading to failure to read config file on new install



Release: v2.0.0-beta




  • Use RMS of baseline as an Event threshold

  • Generate a ramp Im protocol for rheobase calculation

  • Improved file loading: 

    • Set default channels to load (avoid manually specifying for each file)

    • Option to automatically normalize time on file load

    • Save file loading options as defaults for later use

  • Concatenate all records into a single record (enables Event analysis for multi-record files)

  • Increase graphics performance with pre-set X-axis view range.

  • Curve Fitting and Events progress bar updates with percentage of analysis complete



  • Fixed non-deterministic crashing during Events and Curve Fitting analysis.

  • Added maximum memory usage limits to prevent overflow with large datasets

  • Fixed cursor not returning to arrow from hand after drawn line finished for Lower Threshold

  • Table header pA units now update as mV during voltage clamp curve fitting analysis

  • Extended Cut Trace start time maximum from an arbitrary limit of 99 seconds.

  • Amplitude threshold and decay search periods options save to defaults from the Events Template analysis pane

  • Filter and Detrend data preview - Vm vs. Im y-axis labels updates correctly for current vs. voltage clamp files




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