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Published Papers 

To date, 20 papers have used Easy Electrophysiology in their analysis. If you use our software in your publication we'd love to hear from you!

Flanigan, M. E., Hon, O. J., D’ambrosio, S., Boyt, K. M., Hassanein, L., Castle, M., Haun, H. L., Pina, M. M., Kash, T. L., & Kash, T. (2022). Sex-specific regulation of binge drinking and affective behaviors by subcortical serotonin 5HT2c receptors. BioRxiv, 2022.01.28.478036.

Ghosal, S., Gebara, E., Ramos-Fernández, E., Chioino, A., Grosse, J., Schneider, B., Zorzano, A., Astori, S., & Sandi, C. (2022). Mitofusin-2 in nucleus accumbens D2-MSNs regulates social dominance and neuronal function. BioRxiv, 2022.10.07.511275.

Goode, L. K., Fusilier, A. R., Remiszewski, N., Reeves, J. M., Abiraman, K., Defenderfer, M., Paul, J. R., McMahon, L. L., & Gamble, K. L. (2022). Examination of diurnal variation and sex differences in hippocampal neurophysiology and spatial memory. BioRxiv, 2022.03.12.484083.

Goswamee, P., Leggett, E., & McQuiston, A. R. (2021). Nucleus Reuniens Afferents in Hippocampus Modulate CA1 Network Function via Monosynaptic Excitation and Polysynaptic Inhibition. Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience, 15.

Hwang, E., Scarlett, J. M., Baquero, A. F., Bennett, C. M., Dong, Y., Chau, D., Brown, J. M., Mercer, A. J., Meek, T. H., Grove, K. L., Phan, B. A., Morton, G. J., Williams, K. W., Schwartz, M. W., & Williams, K. W. (2022). Sustained inhibition of NPY/AgRP neuronal activity by FGF1. JCI Insight.

Ibrahim, L. A., Huang, S., Fernandez-Otero, M., Sherer, M., Qiu, Y., Vemuri, S., Xu, Q., Machold, R., Pouchelon, G., Rudy, B., & Fishell, G. (2021). Bottom-up inputs are required for establishment of top-down connectivity onto cortical layer 1 neurogliaform cells. Neuron, 109(21), 3473-3485.e5.

Kaganovsky, K., Plitt, M. H., Yang, R., Sando, R., Giocomo, L. M., Ding, J. B., & Südhof, T. C. (2022). Dissociating encoding of memory and salience by manipulating long-term synaptic potentiation. BioRxiv, 2022.01.04.474865.

Kushner, J. K., Hoffman, P. B., Brzezinski, C., Huntsman, M. M., & Alexander, A. L. (2022). Characterizing the diversity of L2/3 human neocortical neurons in epilepsy. BioRxiv, 2022.06.13.495678.

Lefevre, E. M., Gauthier, E. A., Bystrom, L. L., Scheunemann, J., & Rothwell, P. E. (2022). Differential Patterns of Synaptic Plasticity in the Nucleus Accumbens Caused by Continuous and Interrupted Morphine Exposure. BioRxiv, 2022.11.01.514765.

Lima-Silveira, L., Hasser, E. M., & Kline, D. D. (2022). Cardiovascular deconditioning increases GABA signaling in the nucleus tractus solitarii. Journal of Neurophysiology (2022).

McSweeney, D., Gabriel, R., Jin, K., Pang, Z. P., Aronow, B., & Pak, C. (2022). CASK loss of function differentially regulates neuronal maturation and synaptic function in human induced cortical excitatory neurons. IScience, 25(10), 105187.

Ohline, S. M., Fasil, M., & Empson, R. M. (2022). Altered membrane properties but unchanged intrinsic excitability and spontaneous postsynaptic currents in an aged APPswe/PS1dE9 model of Alzheimer’s disease. Journal of Neurophysiology.

Pati, D., & Kash, T. L. (2021). Tumor necrosis factor-a modulates GABAergic and dopaminergic neurons in the ventrolateral periaqueductal gray of female mice. Journal of Neurophysiology, 127(1), 2119–2129.

Paundralingga, O., Jia, S., & Cunningham, J. T. (2022). Changes in PVN Neurons after Low-Frequency Acute Optogenetic Stimulation. The FASEB Journal, 36.

Pina, M. M., Pati, D., Neira, S., Stanhope, C. M., Mahoney, A. A., D’Ambrosio, S., Kash, T. L., & Navarro, M. (2021). Delineation of insula dynorphin and kappa opioid receptor circuit elements in alcohol consumption. BioRxiv, 2021.11.09.467893.

Pouchelon, G., Dwivedi, D., Bollmann, Y., Agba, C. K., Xu, Q., Mirow, A. M. C., Kim, S., Qiu, Y., Sevier, E., Ritola, K. D., Cossart, R., & Fishell, G. (2021). The organization and development of cortical interneuron presynaptic circuits are area specific. Cell Reports, 37(6), 109993.

Sadahiro, M., Hendricks, W. D., Gajowa, M., Gopakumar, K., Quintana, D., Tasic, B., Daigle, T. L., Zeng, H., Antón Oldenburg, I., Zuckerberg Biohub, C., & Francisco, S. (2022). Ultra-precise all-optical manipulation of neural circuits with multifunctional Cre-dependent transgenic mice. BioRxiv, 2021.10.05.463223.

Shao, L. X., Liao, C., Gregg, I., Davoudian, P. A., Savalia, N. K., Delagarza, K., & Kwan, A. C. (2021). Psilocybin induces rapid and persistent growth of dendritic spines in frontal cortex in vivo. Neuron, 109(16), 2535-2544.e4.

Vierock, J., Peter, E., Grimm, C., Rozenberg, A., Chen, I.-W., Tillert, L., Castro Scalise, A. G., Casini, M., Augustin, S., Tanese, D., Forget, B. C., Peyronnet, R., Schneider-Warme, F., Emiliani, V., Béjà, O., & Hegemann, P. (2022). WiChR, a highly potassium selective channelrhodopsin for low-light one-and two-photon inhibition of excitable cells. Science Advances.

Zhou, J. L., Guglielmo, G. de, Ho, A. J., Kallupi, M., Li, H.-R., Chitre, A. S., Carrette, L. L., George, O., Palmer, A. A., McVicker, G., & Telese, F. (2022). Cocaine addiction-like behaviors are associated with long-term changes in gene regulation, energy metabolism, and GABAergic inhibition within the amygdala. BioRxiv, 2022.09.08.506493.


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